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Being granted the beautiful scenery by nature, Tanzania become the most visited country in Africa with extremely beautiful of majestic terrains and lakes. This place is also a home for wild animals such as cheetahs, lions, wildebeests, etc.

We promise that you will be amazed by the cultural diversity in Tanzania - which is a combination of multi-ethnic. Moreover, people in Tanzania are very kind and hospitable, they always welcome travelers to come to their beautiful country to discover the mystery things in here.

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Do you have plans to do in Tanzania? Here are some best experiences that you may be interested in

Traveling to Tanzania

Safari In The Serengeti

Serengeti National Parks is one of the most well-known parks in Africa, and is known for its abundant animals and traditional African landscapes. It is a Unesco World Heritage Site and the oldest park in Tanzania.

Traveling to Tanzania

Canoe In Kizimkazi Village

Taking a canoe on water is also an exhilarating experience, giving tourists the chance to pass by hippos and sleeping crocodiles that are congregated in herds that are submerged and sunbathing with their jaws open.

Traveling to Tanzania

Visit The Stone Age Site

Isimila Gorge is a place discovered in 1951, where Stone Age tools and fossilized bones. These fossils come from extinct mammals that were linked to giraffes and hippos of the present day.

Traveling to Tanzania

Dive In Pemba Island

No matter how you look at them, Tanzania's waterways are gorgeous. It nearly seems ridiculous, but the stunningly blue waters off the coast of Pemba are so vivid that it is actually majestic.

Traveling to Tanzania

Sunbath on Nungwi Beach

If sunbathing is in your travel plans, a trip to the sea can give you a great experience with the most stunning beach, cleanest sand and the best water sports around. Nungwi beach can be the perfect destination for tourists when traveling to Tanzania.

Traveling to Tanzania

Explore Tanzania Cuisine

A nightly open-air food market is held in Forodhani Gardens, where merchants serve grilled seafood, kebabs, pizza from Zanzibar, etc. Although you must be travel to taste the food, the market is worth a visit for the atmosphere!

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Traveling to Tanzania

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Traveling to Tanzania

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Traveling to Tanzania

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Traveling to Tanzania

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